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Tokyo in One Day

Japan is somewhat of a pilgrimage for those looking to hone their craft, from food to coffee, textiles and denim – the Japanese have perfected the artform of taking your time, doing it right, and committing your life to something you’re passionate about. If you’re like us, Japan provides a source of style inspiration even from a distance. Books like Take Ivy, Japan’s timeless tribute to American Ivy League traditional style, or Japanese magazines like Free and Easy (R.I.P.) all provide a glimpse at what it means to sweat the details and build a manual around lifestyle. What follows is our guide to shopping for menswear, specifically vintage and indigo goods, in Tokyo. This is called Tokyo in One Day...

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Braving Winter in Maine

Sitting on the north east tip of New England is Maine, a state known for mottoes such as, “Vacationland” and “The Way Life Should Be.” From up north in Acadia National Park down to Portland and the beaches of Kennebunk, there’s a lot of beauty to be seen. It’s a place for those that don’t mind bracing harsh winters by the fireplace or plunging into the ice cold Atlantic water in the heat of summer (the water never seems to get warmer than 50 degrees). One thing is certain for everyone that visits here: the people are friendly, the air is clean, and it’s a great place to unwind. Nothing takes your mind off the buzz of city life quite...

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